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Project experience

Our philosophy


Highways Consulting offers a proven track record in tendering for and running contracts. Our clients include other consultancies and civil engineering consortia tendering for Private Finance Initiative projects.

Using Highways Consulting as both designer and project manager ensures that any design clarifications are resolved internally without delay or additional costs. Using our knowledge and experience we can ensure that the system works, is contractually compliant and fully integrated with existing systems.

We have considerable experience of working both with the Highways Agency and as part of the civil engineering team. This integration means that there are fewer problems with the implementation of the project. Through close co-operation the least cost solution can be achieved.

As we are capable of actually doing installation and commissioning work, we can - and do - check that sub-contractor standards are of the highest quality. Our experience in trouble shooting and systems integration has often proved invaluable to meeting project deadlines.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to remain highly skilled. We have a commitment to ourselves and to our sub-contractors to provide both the training and the equipment to ensure the best possible service to our clients.


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