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Invitation to tender
Tender responses
Quality and Safety Audits
Project management


Invitation to tender

Highways Consulting can help you define your requirements and write the technical and commercial volumes necessary for going out to tender. We can help with the prequalification process and technically assess potential suppliers to produce the shortlist. We can also adjudicate the tender responses and help negotiate the best deal with your successful supplier.


Highways Consulting has undertaken design work for both NMCS2 and radio systems. Our designs have included upgrading existing schemes, ducted or buried systems or complete new systems. We keep an eye on new developments and products so that we can provide the best design possible within the client's budget and remit.

Tender responses

Although tender documentation is issued for all types of contract, the technique for responding to a tender is largely standard. Whilst we specialise in electrical engineering tenders in the widest sense, encompassing computing, radio systems and traffic engineering (NMCS2), we have also undertaken responses for the supply of photocopiers and for cleaning abattoirs!

The elements of a tender response include:

  • Writing technical response
  • Selection of sub-contractors
  • Adjudication of quotations
  • Review of contract terms
  • Costings and projected cashflow
  • Customer negotiations

Quality and Safety Audits

Highways Consulting can undertake quality and safety audits on your behalf.

Project management

When moving into a new business area the first aim is to win the contract, but just as important is managing the new contract to achieve a profit. Highways Consulting has experience of both bidding into new business areas and of running the contract that has just been won.

We can do this as part of your team, so that the customer thinks of us as your employees, or as sub-contractors or just as advisors. We can adopt your own working practices or introduce our own, whichever is more appropriate to your needs.

We often split tasks into ‘paperwork’ and ‘doing’.

‘Paperwork’ is office based, and incorporates:

  • Letter writing for your signature or approval
  • Producing risk assessments and method statements
  • Assessment of sub-contractors’ quality control
  • Project planning and cost control
  • Signal data preparation using the Data Entry Package
‘Doing’ is site based, and involves:
  • Supervision of sub-contractor
  • Co-ordination with others on site
  • Marking out (for example, loop sites)
  • Electrical measurements (for example, Levels 1&2)
  • Commissioning (NMCS2 signals, telephones & MIDAS)
  • Fault finding and solving


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